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Ezyroller PRO - Ultimate Riding Machine for Adults

Ezyroller PRO - Ultimate Riding Machine for Adults
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The Ezyroller for bigger kids aged 10 to 110!  

We've been asked about an Ezyroller for adults / older kids pretty much since the day we sold our first Ezyroller Classic in 2009... Well here it is! The Ezyroller Pro is designed to carry more weight and accomodate longer legs. With a bit of training, you can reach speeds on the flat of over 12km/hour winding and weaving like the proverbial shark!

Turns out, kids of all ages love the EzyRoller, including the ones with kids of their own. So we just had to invent the EzyRoller Pro, designed to carry more adult weight and allow for longer legs. It also comes with an extension. 

Features :
- features wider seat and reinforced frame.
- reinforced extension bars.
- accepts riders up to 112 kilos.
- suitable for kids over 12 years old.
- heavy duty ball bearings.
- Large Poly-Urethane wheels.
- includes a powerful brake.

Technische Daten:
Model:EzyRoller PRO
Frame:Steel tube framing
Wheels:PU Scooter wheels
Brake lever:Hand brake lever
Handlebar:Steering link to use by both feet
Seat:comfortable seat
Drive:Drive through  right-left leg movements (snake principle)
Weight carrying capacity: Up to 112 kg
For age:10+
Dimensions:92-112 cm x 58 cm x 48 cm
Weight:8,2 kg
Contents:1 EzyRoller PRO, 2 Size-Extensions so it grows with you, + Owner's manual with assembly parts


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